The Incredible Benefits of Care Farms

In recent years, farms have become popular as short-term break services for individuals with Autism. Farmers play a crucial role in providing structure and attention to the children and young adults using these care farms, with farm animals and gardening activities serving as therapeutic tools. Here at Autism Sanctuary, our dedicated team of volunteers passionately support our guests in the peaceful environment of White Plains, Virginia, allowing them to thrive in a calm setting. Together, we create a nurturing space for growth and well-being. To learn more about a study done on care farms, click the link to read more! 


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Currently, we have seven heads of cattle that move regularly between two pastures. Given the calm demeanor of our cattle, visitors enjoy saying hello to our cows through the fence, or occasionally giving them treats and mineral. After a long, happy life, these grass-fed cattle are eventually processed into beef, which you can purchase online, at our farmer’s market table, or at Good Foods Grocery.


Our chickens roam in our fields during warmer weather, and stay inside of our fenced-in garden during the winter months. When not exciting visitors by peering through our basement windows, the chickens help to teach our visitors empathy and how to care for other creatures. You will also find their eggs at our farmer’s market visits!

High Tunnel

In spring of 2024, construction will be complete on a new 30’x72′ high tunnel. The high tunnel will serve as the main site for our gardens, extending our growing season well into colder temperatures. The space will also become the home of our novel vermicomposting program, which is anticipated to begin not long after completion of the high tunnel. 


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