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Educational and Developmental Effects of Nature Work 


A study conducted by the City of London Corporation has found that engaging children with autism in outdoor learning through their “Nature Learning Programme” has resulted in various benefits such as increased happiness and wellbeing, improved communication and social interaction, and enhanced confidence. The program involved activities in nature which aimed to connect the children with the natural world and support their development. The findings suggest that learning in natural environments can positively impact the emotional wellbeing and skills development of children with autism. Here at Autism Sanctuary we aim to take full advantage of our natural environment and activities help nurture the benefits of nature work. To learn more about the topic, click the read more button below!


Visit this study for more information!


Trail Maintenance

Volunteers help us maintain our trails through raking leaves, clearing debris, and marking invasive species and other items that need to be removed with tools.


With the construction of our high tunnel, volunteers can assist with our agricultural programs but helping in our gardens, sorting materials to compost, or collecting eggs. 

Day Program

Volunteers may also assist staff in providing supports for people in our adult day program! This volunteer work requires a weekly commitment and additional training before starting.


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